Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CodeMash Day 0 => Expert’s Panel

I'm here at CodeMash 2008 in Sandusky, Ohio. The first event was a Q&A session titled

Technology for Humans: Selling Your Ideas, Products, and Services

The panelists were:

All the panelists are consultants who work for or own small IT consulting shops. The advice from the panelists distilled into two main themes:

  1. Sell solutions and value, not technologies. There may be times when a Client wants you to use a specific technology for political or other reasons. The panelists recommended understanding why before agreeing to use it.

  2. Do not get into a "Battle of Costs" because you will lose, especially on "commodity like" projects. All panelists shared experiences where they walked away from a potential Client because the Client's only focus was cost. In their experience, those types of projects are best suited for shops that outsource the programming to low cost markets.

The session reaffirmed the critical success factors that I've heard about, read about, and experienced first hand. Even though the session didn't reveal "anything new", it was nice to see that the fundamentals of good consulting remain the same.

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